Dealing with Home Damage

As any homeowner will attest to, owning a home is a never-ending list of small maintenance items that must be done at regular intervals. From changing light bulbs and air filters to cleaning and other small repairs, the work can keep you busy for as long as you own the home.

While these chores are generally pretty easy, what do you do if your home is damaged in a significant way? Three of the most common ways that homes become damaged is from water, fire, and storms. Today we’re going to talk about some different ways to deal with serious home damage, including damage that renders the home uninhabitable.

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Fire Damage

One of the most severe forms of home damage is caused by fire. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, more than 358,000 home structure fires occurred from 2010-2014, causing approximately $6.7 billion dollars in direct damage. The leading cause of fire damage was cooking equipment, followed by heating equipment (such as space heaters), electrical and lighting equipment, and smoking materials.

A flare-up in the kitchen or a portable space heater that gets knocked over and starts a fire are both common causes of home structure fires. These can also lead to secondary damage in the home from smoke, soot, as well as firefighting chemicals and water. Recovering from a partial or total home loss due to fire can be a difficult ordeal in working with fire investigators, insurance companies, and specialized contractors are experienced in fire damage remediation. It may take weeks or even months for the claims on your home to move forward and the repairs to be completed. In many cases, repairing the damage is prohibitively expensive for homeowners, and the best option is simply to move to a new home.


Water Damage

It’s no secret that much of southwestern Arizona including Phoenix and Tucson are in the desert. But what you may not know is that water is still a major factor in causing home damage in these cities. The first type of water damage is caused by the homeowner. An overflowing bathtub, leaky faucet, or poorly-vented bathroom can cause moisture to build up in the baseboards, walls, and beneath the flooring in your home. These conditions frequently lead to the formation of mold, which can be hazardous to your health.

Another type of water damage is caused by flooding. Believe it or not, many people purchase a home in a floodplain or near a dry wash without even realizing it. Though it does not rain often in the desert, when it does – the results are often dramatic. A flash flood can bring about a sweeping torrent of water in a matter of minutes, even in a wash that has not had more than a trickle of water for the past several years. Many Arizona homeowners do not have flood insurance, and find themselves unprepared when a sudden storm takes them by surprise.


Storm Damage

Following on the theme of weather, storm damage is also a leading cause of home damage in the desert southwest. Major metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Tucson are susceptible to monsoon storms and microbursts. These storms are brief but can be very intense, with high wind speeds. They can rip off shingles, clog pool pumps and filters, and knock down trees and Saguaro cactus.

These storms can make national news, such as an October 2010 hailstorm that damaged more than 150,000 homes in Phoenix. According to the Arizona Republic, frozen ice as large as 2 inches in diameter rained down from the sky, damaging thousands of roofs, as well as cars, windshields, and other property.


How to Deal with Home Damage

Home damage covers a wide spectrum, from a small patch of mold in a bathroom to a hail-damaged roof to a complete and total loss due to fire or flood. If you find yourself in the unenviable situation of having a damaged home, how do you deal with it? Should you get the home repaired or start fresh somewhere else? Can a damaged home ever really be the same, and do you want to live with the memories of what may have been a traumatic event?

Often times, the best case is to sell the home. But who would want to buy a home that needs so much work? Investment companies such as Phoenix-based BuyMyHome are a lifeline for homeowners seeking to sell their damaged, distressed, or dilapidated house in a hurry.

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